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About Our Work

Step 1: We Find A Worthy Cause

People With A Purpose, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) that creates unique, purpose driven and goal minded special events that help people in need.

Step 2: We Create Great Event Ideas

Through special events we bring people together to support great causes.

Step 3: We Work Together

We involve the community to support our special events.  The proceeds are donated to support a local charity.



How VOF Started

In March of 2001, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, America's oldest veterans organization, founded the Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund (ORHF). The organization sought to help wounded veterans venture into the outdoors after receiving medical care for serious injuries. In December 2012, ORHF became its own entity and since that time has continued to make the joys of outdoor recreation a reality again for thousands of veterans.  Our special events focus on those Veterans with PTSD.

In October 2016, the organization changed its name to Veteran's Outdoor Fund (VOF).

Our Mission

The Veterans Outdoor Fund (VOF) exists to provide healing opportunities to veterans, troops, and their families through hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Our goal remains the same as it was when we first began, but has become uniquely ours in that we aid all veterans--injured or not--regardless of when they served.

Active duty troops have our support as well. They're always welcome to join us for hunting and fishing trips. And at VOF, we believe in families. The families of veterans and troops have our sincerest admiration.

Fundraisers, festivals and special events give the VOF greater exposure to the public and open more doors of opportunity to meet and help veterans and their families.  

We're hunters. We're anglers. Be a hero: help a hero.  

Join the VOF mission today.

VOF Veterans Outdoor Fund

VOF Veterans Outdoor Fund

Bikers Welcome. Please No Colors. Thank you.


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